Top Ten Conditioners for Chemically Treated Hair

Despite your best efforts at performing a beautiful luxurious color or curl treatment (or both) to your hair, there now exists a horrendous problem facing you in the mirror. It is called chemically treated hair that is burned and frizzed with severe damage, Every strand of hair needs emergency damage control in the form of chemically treated hair repair There are ten top products specifically created for just such damage control for chemically treated hair repair. All are available t through

1. Pureoloogy Perfect 4 Platinum Conditioner

This smooth and perfectly moisturizing and rehydrating conditioner will soften all the brittle ends of damaged hair. It is made in the USA, has excellent user reviews on Amazon and will restore the harshest chemically treated hair to a glossy, soft perfection. That’s why it is Pureology Perfect!

2. Paul Mitchell Color Protect Reconstructive Treatment Unisex

This bottle Paul Mitchell is Reconstruction as you have never known it before. It will take charge of every damaged lock of your hair that has been chemically burned, frizzed or colored negatively and restore your hair to its former brilliance and soft texture and controllability.

3. Kerastase Kerastase Reflection Chroma Riche Luminous Softening Treatment Masque

This masque was formulated to give hair the soft silky texture it was born with, and imparts a brilliant shine as well. This product will last a long time and will one of your favorite treasures.

4. Lanza Healing Colorcare Color-Preserving Trauma Treatment 1000ml/33.8oz

Lanza claims their conditioner product knows no bounds or limits when it comes to reconstructing and restoring chemically treated hair. They declare that customers are ordering so rapidly they have difficulty keeping their conditioner for Chemically colored or otherwise damaged hair in stock.

5. Quantum Moisturizing Treatment for Colored and Permed Hair –

This is a restoration treatment every woman will want at her fingertips if she lives dangerously with perms and color treatments on sensitive hair. Just apply to clean damp hair and let it work for two minutes or more and be amazed at the miracle of the best conditioner for color treated hair.

6. All Natural Organic Conditioner for Curly &/or Frizzy Hair (Revitalizing)

This formula is for those born with naturally curly hair or hair that splits and frizzes easily. It also works wonders to put a smooth soft sheen back into hair that has been abused with chemically treated hair products. It is all natural and will not add to your problem, but reverse the damage and give you a head full of beautifully manageable hair showing effects of a great conditioner.

7. Matrix Total Results Colorcare Miracle Treat, 5.1 Ounce

This product promises it all to the woman who needs everything in the miracle basket for chemically treated hair, and it delivers it! Restores hair to a strength that it has not had for a long time by rejuvenating each strand of chemically treated hair with the best conditioner for chemically treated hair repair.

8. Coldwell Nourishment Treatment 33.3 oz

This treatment system claims to be the best conditioner for chemically treated hair such as permed or colored. It will end the split ends and beaks, revitalize and put shine back where you now have damage. Once hair has been chemically treated, it is difficult to restore it to original health and beauty but this product insists it will and has a guarantee backing it up , along with Amazon’s own warranty.

9. Bosley-Bos Formula for Thickening and Revitalizing Thinning HaIr

This reconstructive formula does not only restore damaged hair, it will thicken and revitalize naturally thinning hair. It has a 100% guarantee and a Return Policy of No Hassle Customer Service. What can you lose that you have not, already?

10. Alterna Conditioner Hemp Organics Color Hold Repair Treatment 33.8 oz

All natural and organic compounds make this olive oil, hemp and other exotics blend to return your h air to thick, silky beauty without any of the harsh chemicals that damaged it in the first place. Chemically treated hair can be revitalized to youth again. This company also offers its guarantee and excellent customer service, along with Amazon’s hassle free return service.

All of the foregoing products to condition chemically treated and damaged hair follicles and restore hair to its original sheen and beauty are carried by, with most offering free shipping and all having a money back guarantee.